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Christian House Sitters

Hi Home Owners,

Greetings! We are Jason and Geraldine Smith, a happily married, semi-retired Christian couple. After a few years break, we are excited about continuing our house sitting journey. We are honest, reliable and caring caretakers who will treat your home with the utmost respect and your pets with love and attention. Enthusiastic and experienced House Sitters, we began our journey in 2010, when we sold our home and business in Adelaide to enjoy an 'extended' holiday on the east coast of Australia, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

We are health conscience non-smokers, who are passionate about health, nutrition and the environment. I (Jason) have travelled extensively, including living in the UK for 8 years where I met my wife. Geraldine has a unique cultural background of an Italian mother and Kenyan father, having grown up in Africa and still has family in both Italy and Kenya today. We are both Australian citizens. My background is a Retail Director having had a number of years’ experience owning and managing Optometry practices both in the UK and Australia. Geraldine has also had a number of years’ experience in the Optical industry as a Clinical Assistant and whilst in London Geraldine studied Nutritional Medicine.

During the past 10 years we have worked in a professional capacity alongside our continued studies, both working within the Optical industry. I held a position as senior Optician as well as Store Trainer for a large international Optical Company in Melbourne while completing my bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts (Photography). Today, both of us are immersed full-time in academia, pursuing Masters Degrees. I am currently studying a Master of Teaching (TESOL), alongside a Bachelor of Graphic Design. Geraldine is studying a Master of Commerce and is planning to embark on a Ph.D. upon the completion of her Masters degree.

As former property owners and landlords ourselves, we fully understand the significance of maintaining a home owners property to high standards. We approach every residence we live in with a homeowner's mindset, ensuring that each space is thoughtfully cared for, going beyond treating it like our own home. This is how we approach all house sits, understanding the significance of looking after another person's precious home and pets. With no children or pets, we offer a tranquil living environment, and a commitment to being considerate neighbours.

We would love the opportunity to look after your home and to keep it meticulously maintained, safe and secure. We have always taken great pride in caring not only for our own properties, but also for home owners' properties whilst house sitting. We are willing and flexible to do all the domestic tasks, gardening and pet care that you require. Both of us have grown up with animals, and during our house sitting adventures we've looked after the following animals: dogs, cats, sheep, horses, goats, ducks, chooks, geese, birds, rabbits, donkeys and fish.

Our house sits for 2010 - 2014:

-December 2010 NSW 2.5 weeks: house, pets (2 pigs).
-February 2011 NSW 3.5 weeks: house, garden, pets (2 cats).
-March 2011 NSW 3.5 weeks: farm (400 acres), garden and pets (1 dog, chooks).
-April 2011 QLD 9 weeks: house and garden.
-June 2011 QLD 9 weeks: house and garden.
-August 2011 NSW 2 weeks: farm( 20 acres), garden and pets (1 cat, chooks, 2 mini cows).
-September 2011 QLD 5 weeks: house (5 acres), garden and pets (1 dog, 2 donkeys).
-October 2011 NSW 2 weeks: house, pool and pet (1 cat).
-November 2011 QLD 2 weeks: biodynamic farm (7 acres) and animals (6 goats, chooks and geese)
-November 2011 QLD 3 weeks: house, pool and pet sit (1 dog, 1 cat).
-December 2011 QLD 1 week: helping establish organic garden
-December 2011 QLD 3 weeks: house, pool and pet sit (1 dog).
-January 2012 QLD 1 week: house, pool and pets (2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds)
-January 2012 NSW 3 months: house, pool and pet (1 dog).
-April 2012 NSW 4.5 months: farm (300 acres) and gardens.
-September 2012 QLD 3 weeks: house and pets (2 dogs, 1 cat)
-September 2012 QLD 2 weeks: house, pool and pet (1 cat)
-October 2012 QLD 4 weeks: house and gardens
-November 2012 QLD 2.5 weeks: house and pets (1 dog, 2 donkeys)
-November 2012 QLD 1 week: house, pool and pets (2 dogs, 2 chooks)
-December 2012 QLD 5 weeks : house, pool and pet (1 cat) 2013
-January 2013 NSW 18 weeks: house, pool, gardens and pet (1 cat)
-May 2013 NSW 6 days: house, pet (1 cat)
-June 2013 NSW 4 weeks: house and pet (1 dog)
-June 2013 VIC 18 weeks: farm (50 acres) and pets/livestock (1 dog, chooks and cattle)
-November 2013 NSW 3 weeks: house and garden
-November 2013 ACT 6 weeks: house and garden

We have a number of excellent references that we would be delighted to email to you if requested. We thoroughly enjoyed our time House and Pet Sitting and very much look forward to continuing the journey after a break. We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards
Jason and Geraldine Smith

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