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How to make money while house sitting

Feature photo: How to make money while house sitting

The idea of life on the road is a dream for many of us, but unless you’re comfortably retired, have won the lottery or received a tidy inheritance, it’s going to be a challenge to fund this lifestyle indefinitely. Unless of course you know how to make money while travelling.

We know that house sitting is one of the best ways to save money on accommodation, but how do you actually make while money while doing it? Well, don’t stress because we’ve got you covered.

1. House Sit Locally

The best way to build reviews and to see whether house sitting is for you is to start locally. House sitting in your own area means you can keep your day job while dipping you toe into the world of possibilities that house sitting brings. Also, by sitting in the local area you’re able to visit the home and meet the owners and pets before committing to the sit.

Another advantage is you won’t need to pack all your worldly belongings into the car or van. As long as you can commit to the needs of the owner, many homeowners love the fact you’re a local. And because sitting locally is more manageable, there’s less stress in the idea of trying something new.

2. Work remotely

One of the most popular ways to earn an income while travelling is to work online. And the great thing about that is often you can be your own boss, meaning you can travel anywhere you want, for as long you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

Depending on what you do back home, you might even be able to convince your boss to let you work remotely! 

If you’ve got the kind of job that is primarily based on a computer and doesn’t actually require you to physically be there, why not try and make the road your office?

house sitter reclining under an umbrella while working on a laptop patting a black and white dog next to them in the sunshine

3. Pick up work as you go.

Whether it’s a ski instructor in the Snowy Mountains, a dive instructor in Cairns, or selling goods at Christmas markets, there are loads of options available to make money depending on your location and the time of year. 

Hospitality - Working in bars and restaurants is perhaps the most popular seasonal work worldwide and one of the easiest jobs to get while travelling around. Look in the classifieds of local newspapers or simply walk into a few bars, café’s or restaurants and ask if they need a hand. Especially during peak season many places will be glad of the help.

Work at a Ski Resort - This has to be the best job you can have if you’re into snowboarding or skiing. You can try your hand as a lift operator, work in a crèche, be a ticket seller or work in any of the shops, bars and cafeterias.

Construction workers – If you have some handy skills why not introduce yourself to the site manager and offer to help for the day. Even if you don’t have specific experience you might help with some heavy lifting, organisation or other tasks that don't require a qualification.

Haircuts or Massage – Who doesn’t love a massage at the end of a long day? If you have the experience you can offer these services for little to no outlay by simply putting up a notice in your vehicle window or at the local caravan park.

Flower, Vegetables and Fruit picking - Seasonal work is found throughout Australia and is popular with travellers not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Not only that but once the produce has been picked, it also has to be sorted and packed, the plantations cleaned, the trees pruned and new trees planted for the following year. 

Market Stalls – If you’re a crafty or creative type, selling your goods or services at local markets can be a fun way to create an income. You can sell homemade cakes and savouries, handmade jewellery or offer tarot card readings. 

House sitter wearing a hat leaning over a market stall table full of cakes and baked goods

A handy person – Do you enjoy working with your hands and know how to fix most things around the house? If you can mow a lawn, fix a leaky tap or paint a room, why not put up a flyer in the local supermarket or community centre offering your services while in town.

4. Bonus tip – rent out your home.

If you want to travel for more than a few weeks and you have a home, why not make your home work for you by renting it while you’re on the road? 

Hopefully you can see that the lack of a big budget doesn't have to be an obstacle to travelling and now you have a few ideas about how to make money while you travel.

Ready to hit the road? Check out our listings of currently available house sits.

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