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Thinking about engaging a house sitter or a pet sitter? Wondering about using the Aussie House Sitters site for the first time?

Why not hear from other homeowners who are already happy members? Homeowners often let us know how delighted they are with the response to their house sitting ad and how pleased they are with the quality of pet sitter they found on our site. They also often report that we provide a great service and that our site is easy to use and navigate.

If you are thinking about engaging a house sitter or about using the Aussie House Sitters site, please read our homeowner testimonials below. You may also like to read some of the verified reviews from Feefo, an independent reviewer.

A big thank you to Aussie house sitters. We have used Aussie House sitters quite a few times and have never been disappointed. We would certainly recommend, and will certainly book again with them when required. Thank you team. Lyn and Peter
We've been using AussieHouseSitters for 3 years now and I thought it well past time to say Thankyou. Every person we've had look after our home and pets has been a delight. Everyone says what a lovely community it is here and they're right. The website is a dream to use and all the reviews/profiles make it very easy to work out who you want in your home. You do a great job. You make a difference in so many people's lives. Thanks again. Deanne and Fred
We’ve had such wonderful success with the website since joining and met some lovely people. It’s a great website to remind you that there are good people around, even if they start as strangers. Maddy
Thanks Admin of Aussie Housesitters! You really do provide such a great service. I’m so grateful, (and so are my pets secretly) It’s such a blessing and helps me & my son remain connected to our friends & family as well as have our beloved cats at home in our beautiful sanctuary. We’re really grateful for all you do behind the scenes to help us leave our fur babies & home in secure hands! Good work Aussie House Sitters… Skye
Thank you for this fabulous service that we have now used twice. The website and systems are so easy to use, but most importantly, we’ve had fantastic sitters who give us peace of mind that everything is taken care of while we are away. Cait, Suffolk Park
Over a period of approximately 4 years that we have used Aussie House Sitters, we have discovered a wonderful and trustworthy organisation that looks after the interests of both the Home owner and house sitters. We really like the way the website is user friendly and the inclusion of a calendar has made it that much easier for us to find the people we require to fit into our mutual time schedules. We have also made lasting friendships and wherever possible were able to use the same people again to look after our home, animals and garden. Kevin and Heidi G.
Just wanted to say I was looking at other websites and none compare to yours. So happy to have found you again. Easy to use, no costs involved and always get wonderful house sitters. I always recommend your site to anybody that asks me. Keep up the good work. I am one very happy customer! Brigett D
I’m always recommending Aussie House Sitters to everyone. It is a brilliant site for both house sitting and house owners. Friends of mine have now organised their first house sitters to look after their home this Christmas, a lady I do some work for has been a house sitting member for a couple of years at my insistence and she loves it and otherwise I could not sing Aussie House Sitters praises highly enough. Great service. Janelle
I cannot believe the fabulous house sitters I have had the pleasure of meeting and their quality of their house sits. This is an easy site to use and well run. I have had great delight in recommending Aussie House Sitters to friends. Its first on my go to list when contemplating a holiday. Heather
I've used your service many times and recently, at short notice found a most delightful couple to care for my home and little dog. On my return my home was well cared for, and my little dog was happy. A great service, many thanks. Ruth
What a fantastic service you offer for folks like us regularly looking for good, reliable housesitters. We have engaged a number of sitters through you in recent years and have been very impressed not only with the site itself and how easy it is to use, but also with the high standard and reliability of house sitters that we've been lucky enough to engage. Congratulations and well done in offering such a brilliant free service and one that means we can go away on holiday with total peace of mind. Alison
Your site has been my site of choice over the last 3 years. I have met some wonderful, caring, cat loving people who I could trust to care for my home and cats while I was away. The replies to my ad have been very friendly, polite and professional. Thank you for your site, which works so well for both housesitters and home owners. Janet
I just wanted to let you know that I had a house/pet sit ad posted on another website for a couple of months and only got two responses. I was starting to feel a bit anxious about finding someone for my menagerie! I switched to your site and I've had a post for a couple of days and the response has been overwhelming! I also find your website incredibly easy to use. I just wanted to thank you for hosting such a good website! Cheers Isabel
Thanks again for this great service. It's wonderful knowing you can go away, secure in the knowledge that all is well at home. I'm looking at a house swap in the future as well. Your site is easy to navigate and I had replies almost as soon as my ad was posted. There are some lovely people using Aussie House Sitters. Robyn
Wow! What a win-win. I wasn't so sure but the response to our listing from a lot of great people with outstanding references meant within 2 days we have already booked the perfect couple to look after our pets and garden. Leanne
I highly recommend using Aussie House Sitters. I placed an ad and had 3 responses quickly. The couple that looked after my house and pets were delightful and I will definitely be using Aussie House Sitters in the future. Cobi
Just wanted to thank you for your great website. We advertised for a house-sitter at quite short notice, but were amazed at the quantity & quality of the respondents. Our experience with sitters we got could not have been better. We came home to happy dogs, a clean house & two new-found friends. Thanks once again, we will definitely do this again. Cheers, Alison & Chris
Thank you so much for this service! It saved us a small fortune in cat hotel fees, our house and garden were well-maintained and most importantly our 3 cats were happy and content! Our sitters were the best fit for us and did a wonderful job! We've told all our friends about this website and we will definitely use it in future. Thanks again! Marita
Thank you for the great experience of finding a suitable house/dog sitter while we will be away. We had almost 40 inquiries for our advertisement and all of highly recommended so it was difficult to choose. This is our first try with you and we will recommend you to our friends without hesitation. Helen
Just wanted to say thank you! Within days of placing our ad we heard back from some absolutely wonderful people, some of whom we subsequently met - delightful. We have been able to make perfect arrangements for our house sitting needs - all thanks to you. A most impressive service - thank you!! Rosemary
I just want to say thank you for this website. As soon as I put my add up I had 5 responses - just wonderful. Thank you so much I will recommend this site to all my friends and work colleagues. Roz
We used your services for the first time by placing an ad on your site for house sitters yesterday. We had previously booked house sitters through a mutual friend but they then cancelled. We did not think we would be able to take our planned holiday but then you came to the rescue. In less than 24 hours we found house sitters and are delighted with your service. We will most definitely be using you again when the need arises. We heartily recommend your service to anybody needing a house sitter. Once again, many thanks. Faye
Hi Guys, Thank you so much for your site we had used it a number of times looking for sitters without any hassles or problems, the sitters we've used from your site have been great. Thank you & keep up the good work Tom & Maria
Hello , your site certainly works very well- I have already found housesitters with whom I feel very comfortable. Will contact you again after the sit is completed. Thanks again! Helen
I contacted six of your house sitters and had three positives to sit for us. I thank you very much for your great site and the lovely people who are available. Glenice
Thanks to your great service, we have made an agreement with one of your sitters after only a few days. Thank you for your service of which we have no hesitation in recommending to anyone looking for a house sitter. Robyn
We have found a house sitter from your service thanking you very much. Kind regards, Michael
I am very happy with Aussie House Sitters. The site is very simple to use and generates good responses. I certainly recommend it to anyone. The personal service and follow up is excellent too. Kevin & Piki
The response to my ad was great. I had a good choice of sitters, all of whom I knew would have done a great job. I have recommended your service to some friends and will certainly use you again. Thanks for the service. Jo
I have finalized a house sitter through your service.  The process took only a few days, so thanks, I'm now able to go overseas knowing the house is looked after and the dog is fed and happy. Robyn
Just returned from a much needed holiday after finding the most wonderful sitters through AHS. The level of care they gave to our dog and to our home was extraordinary. Regards, The Duddles
I have found 3 house sitters through your great site.  Thank you for helping me to find satisfactory sitters. I hope your site always prospers - thanks again!   Jeanette
Thank you Aussie House sitters. We have quickly found a house sitter for our home - in only 2 days! Jo & Bryce
Hi Nick, just want to say thanks. This is about the 6th or 7th time I have used your service to find a house sitter and it's wonderful. Regards, Anke
I would just like to thank you for the use of the site. We have found a lovely couple to look after everything which means we will enjoy our holiday much more. Kind Regards Margaret
I received a reply to my ad for a house sitter.Her recommendations were excellent.After a long pleasant conversation, she has agreed to come and sit for us. Many thanks for your Aussie House Sitters service. Lester
I'm very impressed with Aussie House Sitters, and have been using your facility for several years now. Well done! Sue
Fantastic service, that I knew nothing about until a friend suggested it to me. I now have a whole new view on future holidays!! Sally
I have found a lovely sitter. I have also found it a lot easier to place an ad rather than chase up sitters that may not be interested. I always seem to get lots of interested people and am usually able to get someone suitable. You have a great service, keep up the good work! Nancy
We recently had the pleasure of using your service at very short notice. We were so lucky to find house-sitters who were able to come in and house-sit for the whole time we needed them. It was only 10 days but given the short notice we were really pleased. They exceeded our expectations of what was required house-sitting and minding our pets. This is a service I have already recommended to friends. We will definitely use your service again in the future. Thankyou for providing such a great service. Harry & Judy
We just wanted to let you know that we were really happy with your service. We always get lots of replies for people to look after our house and dogs, and the people we had housesitting over Christmas were brilliant. They left our house so clean and the animals were very happy! Vicki
I thought your site and service was great. We found a sitter really quickly. Kristin
We found your website very easy to use and navigate around. It is great that there is no charge for the homeowners to find a sitter or to put an advert on your website. . . . . rest assured that next year when we are looking again we'll come to Aussie House Sitters. Norman & Dianne
Looks like we have found a sitter from your website. Must admit am impressed with the site, will use it future. Barry & Trish
We used a couple from your organisation to house sit for us and it worked out very well. It was a delight to come home and find the garden all maintained and the house as spotless as we had left it. More than happy with the wonderful service you offer, so helpful. Michael & Sylvia
I used Aussie House Sitters to find a house sitter for my home and pets whilst going away on Holidays. This was the first time I had ever considered using a house sitter for caring for my home and pets. The team at Aussie House Sitters were wonderful. They posted my ad straight away and within a week I had correspondence from a lovely couple who were interested in looking after my house and pets.  Because this was the first time using this service, I was unaware of the procedure, once you received correspondents with a couple who were interested in house sitting, I need not have worried as I emailed the team at Aussie House Sitters and they explained everything for me. They have been so helpful and the fact that it cost the homeowner not one single cent is Fantastic. I would recommend Aussie House Sitters to anyone considering having their house house sat. Thanks heaps Aussie House Sitters, I can enjoy my holiday knowing my home and beloved pets are well look after thanks to you guys !!!! Danielle
Thank you very much for the free service you provide to home owners looking for housesitters. Your service is prompt, efficient and much appreciated. Dianne C
My ad produced immediate response from well qualified and experienced sitters who I was very happy to use. I'll be back if I need to. Iain
I would like to say that Aussie House Sitters was extremely successful for us. We had several early responses and have secured a housesitter after several conversations with them. It's great that its a free service for home owners and we are really happy that we can go away after Christmas and not worry about our home & pets. Thanks Aussie House Sitters. Narelle
As a homeowner I was surprised and pleased at the response I received from your house sitting site. Although I could accept only one sitter, I was impressed by the high calibre and sincerity of the many offers.  All of them offered references without hesitation. The fact that it is no charge to us (the homeowner) is fantastic. Thank you for such a good service. Trish
I cannot praise Aussie House Sitters highly enough. I advertised for a housesitter to mind our house for a 5 week period and had 5 responses including 2 from New Zealand. All seemed like lovely, genuine people, and we would have been happy to have any of them to care for our house and cat. We have found a lovely couple to mind our house and even better than that, we have made some new friends as well! Thanks Aussie House Sitters. Your website is very user-friendly, you provide great support and I'd recommend this service to everyone wanting to have their house minded, or wanting to mind a house. I'll definitely use the site again. Judy
I think house sitting is a fantastic idea. It's win-win for both parties. House sitting websites like Aussie House Sitters make it so easy for home owners and sitters to get in touch with one another. The service is free for homeowners and getting your ad listed is really easy. What more could you ask for?  Susan
Aussie House Sitters has worked so well for me. I placed an advertisment on the web site and the right person found me within a day. I can now go ahead with my holiday plans for next year confident that the farm will be well cared for. This is an excellent, competent and efficient service. Thank you A.H.S. Steve
Thank you so much so letting us advertise for a 'Sitter' on Aussie House-sitters. The response has been amazing. Within an hour of the add appearing on your site, we received 3 phone calls from 'house-sitters who were very interested in looking after our home & animals. We will definately use your site again when we decide on our next holiday. Kaye
I used the Aussie House Sitters to find someone to mind my house when I was interstate.  I successfully found someone. It was a great way for the sitter and house owner to link up, for our mutual benefit. Cindy
I used your housesitter service for my Bribie home and found it very satisfactory.  The gentleman looked after my house and pet very well. Thank you.   Jeanette
I am very happy to say that I am impressed with the site and the great responses that I received. I really appreciate this excellent free service for homeowners and highly recommend it. Lyndsay
I advertised for a House Sitter for the first time with Aussie House Sitters and did not expect much of a response from people wanting to sit a large rural property in outback NSW. However we did receive some interest and were thrilled with the couple that came and sat for us so that we could have a real holiday for the first time in ages. We have developed a firm friendship with the housesitters who looked after our house, property, pets and animals and would not hesitate in recommending this service and the fantastic housesitters that we had. Next time we need a housesitter we will definately use this service again. Carolyn
I think this is a housesitter story with a difference!! We could not have found the more perfect housesitter to look after our place for the 2 weeks we were away - the pets were extremely well looked after, dogs walked (even organised for neighbours to walk the dogs when she couldn't), drove us to and from the airport but also has been dating my son for 4 weeks & make the perfect couple. So not only did I get a fantastic housesitter but a potential daughter in law. So thanks AHS .. unfortunately next year we will need to find a new housesitter as she is coming with us on our trip next year. PS. she did kill one plant!! Prue & Rob
I was more than pleased with the quality of service from Aussie House Sitters. It made it easy to find someone for our home. I will certainly recommend it to any of my friends looking for a sitter.  Many thanks,  Pat
We used your service for the first time over Xmas. Advertised our home, and our first applicant was Hilary, who fitted the bill perfectly. She came down to Sydney and met up with us and our cats. We went off for our 17 days break and on our return the house was spotless, as though professional cleaners had swept through the place! Our main concern had been our two elderly cats. In the past a neighbour had feed them for us each day, but they were always rather 'stressed' on our return as they had missed the company.  On our return from this trip, both cats were so relaxed and happy that they hardly noticed we had returned! I have to say that our experience with Aussie House sitters has been wonderful and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to others looking for sitters. In fact, we are thinking of becoming sitters ourselves, as it is a very cost effective way of having a holiday, and making new friends. "Our" sitters, Hilary and Bernie were first class, and Hilary has indicated, if we need her again (and she is available) she would love to look after our 'girls'. Thankyou for such a great website. Carolanne
Many thanks Aussie House Sitters. In under a week of us placing our Ad for a house sitter we had a lot of replies. After contacting a couple whose Ad we liked, within 24 hours they were visiting with us and we found them very compatible and with a wealth of experience. We have used house sitting sites before and always found them very good but yours was exceptionally easy to use and navigate, and certainly we got a good response. Many thanks again and would use you in the future and recommend your site to friends. Toni
Thank you so much for the excellant service, we didn't realise it was out there. We had so many replies and from some really great people. I can certainly reccomend it, and will use it again. Many thanks once more. Barbara
Thank you for an excellent service. I contacted a few of your registered sitters and one of the respondents sounded ideal so we have arranged a 'sit'. I will certainly use your site again. Jenny
"In just three weeks after placing an add for a house sitterr on Ausie House Sitters we have had more than 10 applications from registered sitters.  We were able to view their full details on the web site and make a short list of potential sitters.  We eventually interviewed two sitters and have chosen one who has seen our home and is even willing to drive us to the airport and collect us on our return should we so wish. I am amazed at the ease of finding a suitable sitter and the calibre of all applicants.  As we are retired and hope to be travelling around over the next few years I am sure we will use Aussie Housesitters often." Ray
We obtained our sitter through your sitters list and without exception every person we contacted replied promptly as all this was done at very short notice we were most impressed. J & M
We have found a most suitable sitter for our house through your free service. She replied to our ad on your house owners' list, it only took less than a week. A couple of years ago we paid an agency quite a lot of money for them to find us a sitter. They in return didn't have to pay anything, only a bond which they got back. We will certainly telll our friends about your free service. Regards, Stan & Sidsel
I found the Aussie House Sitters site easy and friendly to use, and the fact that it was free was a big bonus. I received several email responses within a short amount of time, and all seemed appropriate people for the picky job I'd written about! Any contact with AHS staff has been met with quick response - much appreciated. A great site find whilst Googling for house sitting in Oz! Ali
I am bowled over by this site. Having tried several other sites, this was so easy to find my way around, and I was able to choose about 8 suitable sitters the first time I looked.  Some of these were already sitting, but they were polite and answered promptly.  Less than a week after I started looking, I had a marvellous sitter lined up.  My cats met her and told me they approved, straight off! So thankyou, Aussie House Sitters - we can go away with easy minds. Margaret and Don
Finding a house sitter was very easy, we got lots of responses, from the silly to the serious, asked for contact phone numbers and took it from there. Met with people, where possible, which is useful final selection process. For us a big issue was would our cats get on with their new home minder.? Problem solved, when our very shy cat, afraid of all new visitors, walked up to our new housesitter and smooched her. Something was right about her, which we hadn't yet articulated, but the cat knew straight away. We sorted the rest of the details verbally and are very pleased with references, police checks and contract provided. We received many sitter responses, which gave us a good repertoire of people to choose from, enabling a sorting process to get the best fit for our and their circumstances. Really appreciate the service being free for homeowners, a marvelous system, thank you. Liked the site and service. When I didn't understand some detail,  I sent an emailed querie and within 20 minutes had a phone call explaining. I appreciated such an immediate and unexpected offer of help, as I'm not a technical hotshot.  Suzy
Our thanks to Aussie House Sitters. We were stuck for somebody to look after our house and animals at very short notice and thought we would give them a try. Within 24 hours we had applicants and interviewed them the next weekend. We have found somebody and now can go away on our holiday knowing our house will be looked after. Jon
Thanks for providing this great service. It has been invaluable in our successful search for a house sitter. We have just found two uni students who can stay for the 7 months. Reet
Have used this free service on three occasions all with success - Thank you Brian & Jill
I was so pleased with the response from your website, and found a housesitter within just a couple of days of being on your website, I will definitely advertise there another time, Many thanks... June
What a fantastic service not only is it free to advertise but the responses I have had have been awesome. Thank you Aussie Sitters I will be using you again. Shelley
Thankyou for providing us homeowners such a wonderful easy to use service.  Such comfort to know our pets are safe and cared for in their own environment and no huge kennel fees!  I found the responses quick and the sitters all very polite, willing and open in their communication. Will definately use the services again and have allready recommended to friends and family. Lisa
I was hesitant to use this service, thinking there would be no response.  However I was wrong.  I received one response within six hours of my ad appearing; and several within three days. Patricia
Thank you very much for website, we have had a wonderful response, we have a lovely lady to sit for us and will certainly be using the site again. Thanking you all! Anna
This is the second time I have utilised Aussie House Sitters to find a sitter for our home and animals. Within half an hour of opening the Aussie House Sitters web page, I found a suitable candidate, phoned her and voila! had a sitter! How good was that! People are astounded that we would leave our pets and possessions in the hands of strangers, but after a few contacts by phone and email, and then a meeting at home, the "gut feeling" kicks in and you know all will be well. We highly recommend Aussie House Sitters database as a starting (and ending) point. Anne
Thankyou for the wonderful House sitters database. What a great service. I only recently heard about it when talking to a neighbour about getting someone to come and housesit while we went on our holidays, as taking our 2 dogs with us was no longer possible because of their ages. I got several replies to my housesitter wanted notice and have now found a sitter to come and stay while we are gone. It is a great relief to know such a service exists and best of all it is free to the houseowner. I will certainly use the site again in the future. Thankyou again Klara
Thanks Aussie House Sitters we really appreciate your free service and the fact that within 48 hours we had a house sitter through your site. Dave (WA)
We thought we would have to cancel our planned (and paid for) overseas trip because the friend who was going to housesit had become ill. We had 2 weeks to take-off and we knew no-one who could housesit. So you can imagine our delight when within 24 hours of placing our Sitter Required advert, we had responses from several very suitable candidates. Now our trip is back on and are house and animals will be safe and cared for we can't thank you enough Aussie House Sitters! We will definitely use your services again. Dave & Wendy
Thanks for your very effective site. We received two very good responses from potential sitters within a week of posting our house on your site and quickly reached agreement with one of them. From the home owners point of view registration is fast and efficient, the site is easy to use and the fact that the service is free is a bonus. Thank you once again Dan
"Within minutes of placing my Free  House Owner 'ad' on the Aussie House Sitters site I had responses from prospective sitters. The sitters 'profiles' were instantly available and a great help in shortlisting applicants. My preferred sitter was travelling from Queensland ,through Adelaide, to Western Australia over the Easter weekend (about to undertake a four months 'sit' in WA) and provided the opportunity for a face-to-face interview. Both my wife and I agreed they would be ideal as sitters for our house and more importantly our two 'babies' - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We are confident and relaxed knowing that when September comes around we can enjoy our 2 months overseas holiday. Living on Kangaroo Island, off the coast of South Australia, I was apprehensive about finding anyone to 'sit' for us. I now have no hesitation in advising friends how helpful the Aussie House Sitter site/service was and even better the fact that the service is absolutely free for home owners. We will be travelling again in 2008 and Aussie House Sitters can expect another visit from us." Ray
We were very pleased with the Aussie House Sitters Site. We heard about the site from another person who has used this site for the last few years when they went overseas. They were very happy with the people who sat their house. When you love your dog as much as we do ( we could not cope with putting her in a kennel for 4 weeks) and want to travel overseas for 4 to 6 weeks a year it is a perfect way to link up with people who want to be a sitter. It was easy to do and the fact that it was free was just another bonus. We had a great response from Sitters and choosing just one couple was difficult. We will certainly use it again and have told numerous people about the site. What a great service it provides and thanks to everyone who responded. Thanks! Gail & Ben
We were anxious to find someone to house & dog sit for us and after having eliminated most of our friends, relatives & neighbours we looked on the internet to see if something was available. We found your web site and within 48 hours had found someone to care for our house & hounds. We shall be using Aussie House Sitters again & recommend you to all our friends & business associates. Barry & Penny
To say that I was surprised would be the understatement for all times. I saw Aussie House Sitters on the net, only by googling. Firstly I didn't know such a service was available. I joined, free: another unbelievable factor these days, placed an ad wanting a house sitter. Then, within two days in came the responses, not one, but sixteen. All of which would have easily been appropriate as for our needs. But chose a mature aged couple who sounded absolutely wonderful and matched our needs to absolute perfection. Emails were exchanged, then a telephone call. We are off to Africa for a month in September/October and I have no doubt that my cherished possession my Ralph (he is a dog) will be given the affection and security with my new found house sitters. Since knowing about Aussie House Sitters, friends of ours have also joined and found their perfect house sitters, what more can you say. It's just so wonderful to take the worry and hassle out of finding someone you can trust your home and your animals to. A big THANK YOU! Susan
Thank you for such a great site - it is the first time I have used such a service - have previously had sitters thru word of mouth. Chose a sitter within a couple of days all at no cost! Will certainly use the site again next time I travel. Ann
We had an incredible experience through our 'house sitting' event. I nearly withdrew the advertisement as I felt our house was a little extreme and there would be few (if any) people willing to take on the property. So I was totally surprised to receive a message with interest shown to sit for us. After a phone call to the prospective sitters I felt confident that it was really going to happen. The couple were well aware of the quirks and isolation of the property and were still very keen to come. In meeting them I felt as though I were greeting friends whom I hadn't seen for a long time. They were extremely warm, open and willing to trust. They fitted in to our family instantly. They were extremely good with our two children (5yrs and 21 months) and connected with them immediately. Not only were they willing to sit for us they wanted to help us out in any way they could. After the first day they took on a lot of the farm chores and settled into the routine whilst we busily finished packing and taking care of other business before departure. Whilst we were gone they kept the place running efficiently, cared for the animals as if they were their own, and undertook many projects that assisted the functioning of our farm. On return I was totally overwhelmed by what they had achieved. They spoke of how much they enjoyed our place and what they had gained from being here. It gave me a lot of confidence in having people come to stay and becoming a part of our family. They became very good friends and we were sad to see them move on to their next house sitting commitment. I am extremely glad that I had the courage to put the ad into the House sitters website and that they had responded. I'd like to thank your organisation for providing this opportunity from which we had so many positive experiences. Placing the advertisement was a result of a conversation with a friend who had a similar great experience recently and she told me of the organisation. Since our experience I speak to everyone about our sitters and what the experience provided for us. I also pass on the details of the website. Annie
When I placed an advert for a housesitter to care for our house and pet dog I had a quick response and found a suitable couple within days.  Our little dog got sick and was in pain while we were away and our sitters were very caring and immediately took our dog to the vet for treatment even though it was the middle of the night and again the following day  when he didn't improve.  I am glad to say that our dog is ok and our house was well looked after. Many thanks Jennifer
Hello, i am a first time user of your service, and just want to say "how lovely the people are on line" all have sent gracious and curtious, replys fairly quickly, also wishing me well ... . AND i also found the PERFECT match for our house sit... a lady in Melbourne ...... thankyou for the opportunity to use your site, will definitely recommend to friends and use it next time.. a BIG thankyou.. Jenneane (Auckland, NZ)
I chose to do use a house sitter because I was sick and tired of paying enormous amounts to have my three cats boarded. I am singing the praises of this service, thank you. Regards, Lynda
Just a quick one to let you know how fantastic your house sitting service is. I recently went over seas Dec/Jan and organised a house sitter through your web site. As I went away before the house sitter arrived I was a tad apprehensive that I would not be meeting someone who I was intrusting my most precious belongings to....3 malteese terriers,house /garden. While I felt very confident after speaking with her several times on the telephone I was still concerned as my dogs can be a handful. Anyway I returned to find my dogs etc in a better state than I had left them. She put much effort into curbing their behaviourial problems and we all live a much more peaceful existance. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful job she did and I have booked her again for Dec 2008. Regards, Connie
I thought I should reply re our House sitters we had during March. They were excellent and I would recommend them to anyone. I dont know how your system works but I dont mind being used as a reference. Thanks again for providing House sitters for us. Robyn & John
We have arranged for a couple that we met through your house sitting site to look after our house for approx 6 months. Regards, Richard & Shirley
I was so pleased that we found a house sitter so quickly, I have told all my friends and in that process, I have been asked to specifically provide others with the website, which I have. Great idea and service. Thanks again. Kerry
My advert was uploaded onto the website within 24 hours of my posting it and I was very pleased with the number and calibre of sitters who applied to mind my cat & flat. I will definitely be using Aussie Housesitters again. Colleen
Thank you for your reply and for removing our ad. Friends of ours have used your service several times to find house sitters and recommended you to us. In turn we have told many people of the good response we had to our ad and will continue to do so when the occasion arises. A lot of people were unaware of the service. Thanks again and regards, Janean
We have had instant success with our 'need a sitter' ad :) This great site has really taken away a huge worry for us. Vickie
Thankyou soooo much for your service. Your site was recommended to me from people in Queensland so obviously you are well known Australia wide. I will use you again, promise! regards, Leona
Thank you so very much for your assistance in obtaining a house sitter for us. We put in our request on Saturday, had your reply by Sunday, had offers by Monday and had our chosen sitters finalised by Tuesday. You could not ask for a better service. Thanks and would defiantly use this site again. Paul & Victoria
We used your housesitting servive this year for the very first time. We engaged a very lovely Couple. From the first converastion we've had on the phone, we knew they were the right people. They drove up from Brisbane to our House in Kewarra Beach and sat our house and pets for four Weeks in May/June this year. They truly did a fantastic Job while my wife and I were in Europe.The House looked just like we left it, the Dogs were looked after really well and they had a great time here in Cairns. We will again use Aussie House Sitters without any hesitation. We would also gladly have them back . We wish them well in all their future endeavours, knowing, they are Top House Sitters. I would very much appreciate if you could add this letter of appreciation to your testimonial section. Stephan & Renate
May I just say how incredibly impressed by the speed at which I was able to find the perfect sitter. The quality and calibre of your sitters is second to none and I now have the opportunity to do do some travelling knowing my much loved pets will be taken care of. In return your sitter gets to stay in paradise! What a perfect situation! Thanks again! Leonie
Love the site, we used someone last year when we went away for 5 weeks, they ran the farm, fed drought stricken animals and managed with no trouble at all, they are coming back next year when we travel again, both they and ourselves are excited to be able to walk in/out and feel comfortable with the arrangement. Jenny
We were adding up the costs, recently, for dog boarding and having our house checked on while we enjoy an upcoming vacation. The cost was a shock and added a burden to what should be a joy. I decided to look up house sitting on the internet and found Aussie Housesitters. I read the information and signed right up. To our surprise we had responses straight away and within 48 hours we had a couple willing to sit with whom we felt very comfortable. They were a pleasure to begin a correspondence with. In short order, we had 3 more requests. It was sad to turn them down. We have begun passing the link to Aussie House Sitters around to family and friends. We will definitely be return customers. Thank you Aussie House Sitters! You have made new friends today. Linda
We have to say this is a wonderful service, well done. We had a wonderfull couple take care of our home & pets from New zealand - thank you again for a wonderful service we look forward to our next house sitters. Kind Regards, Margaret
Our last house sitters through your website were fantastic, we even had tea prepared and left in the fridge on the day we returned. The house was spotless as was the garden and our cat Gemma was smoodging them instead of us, a pretty good indication that she had been well looked after. Geoff and Cheryl
I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this site. I was let down at short notice by friends - & turned in desperation to Google - which led me to your site. I had my problem solved within a day - & also feel I am meeting someone elses' need - as my Christmas House Sitters had not yet 'fixed themselves up' for Christmas.... But quite apart from that, I received letters from many others who took the time & trouble to write to me even if they were not available - I think I could go away for the whole year without a qualm if I so wished - I've had so many offers of future 'sits'....... I have already recommended your site to friends of mine, who have been unhappy with the condition of their dogs when they returned from holiday after placing them in kennels..... Well Done Aussie House Sitters, for having an easy to navigate, friendly website ! Gabriel
It was so easy to find someone to look after our place! There were lots of people to choose from and all were very accommodating with our pet and plant requests. Will use Aussie House Sitters next time we go away for sure!! Judith
I only registered on your website on Friday for a house sitter and have already had two interested parties. I find the website is simple and easy to use, plus very cheap from my point of view. You are doing a great job! Jenelle
After 5 interviews of one simple ad we found who were looking for to care for 2 big dogs and house and garden for 11months. We'll let you know how we went - it's looking very promsing. Happy days and thanks heaps, Barbara
We have a couple coming to housesit, we had three applicants so the "Aussie House Sitters" site works well .... Far better than Angel housitters who didnt even reply to our e-mail ! ... We used your site two years ago with the same good results... thanks again ... Rob
Thanks once again for the privilege of using you site. Today we have been successful in securing a suitable house sitter which allows us to go away with peace of mind knowing that our house is secure and looked after while we are away. We tried another site but were not impressed. We are extremely pleased with Aussie House Sitters as it has crossed the tee's and dotted the i's, providing guidelines, valuable information and ease of use for the novice. We are very impressed that the site provided an agreement which would have otherwise been quite daunting and expensive for the house owner . We also found that the responses appeared to have been controlled and we were not bombarded with thousands of emails and/or phone calls from potential sitters as we were with the other site.. Ever grateful Shaira & Jim
Thanks for your great service! I have had very good experiences with all of the housesitters I have got from your site and will certainly keep using it in the future. Keep up the good work and congratulations to all who run such a good service. Cheers, Elizabeth
We have been very lucky to find house sitters within 3 days, and they really relate well to our dog. I have found Aussie House Sitters extremely efficient and very professional. I would not hesitate to use your services again, or recommend you to friends and family. Many thanks, Jan and Maurie
Just letting you know that the house sit has been filled. Once again thanks for your service. We have used your service 3 times now with tremendous success. Will call again early next year. Thanks, Jim and Chris
A note to thank you for your assistance in finding a house sitter - we received several prompt responses to our entry, and coincidentally were able to meet the first applicants when on the mainland over Easter. We all hit it off very well, including our dog. So everyone is very happy with the service! We will recommend your website to anyone needing this type of help. All the best, Jenny & Bill (TAS)
We have just had a trip to New Zealnd and a wonderful house sitter from your house sitting service came to stay. All future trips will have to revolve around her timetable! The dogs totally fell in love with her to the point that the elderly "Westie" went to bed with her the night we returned home - talk about displaced loyalty. The house was immaculate on our return. The whole process of using Aussie Housesitters was very efficient and I have recommended it to another friend who is travelling later in the year. I look forward to using it again in the future. Diane
When Jeanne and I placed our ad for Portarlington we thought, naively, that we would attract applicants comparable to a mid-week field at Randwick or Flemington. How wrong we were! Within 24 hours we had a field comparable to the Cox Plate, Australia's most prestigious horse race. It is a great service you offer. Dick & Jeanne
I think your Aussie House Sitters website is fantastic. I was finding it very difficult to find a sitter for my home, dogs and chooks while my husband and I go off on our 5 week African holiday in June. A friend told me about your website and I have since confirmed an adorable couple from QLD who are eager to come down and sit for us. Nanette
We would just like to thank you for the great service. We have just used house sitters for the first time as a homeowner and it was a wonderful experience, we had a wonderful couple care for our home & animals. We have also made some new friends to enrich our lives. Thank you. Rona & Danny
We have just obtained a house sitter through your web site and I just wanted to let you know how easy and efficient your web site is to use. We have used it before and will use it in the future. Thankyou. Regards, Raylee
I would thoroughly recommend anyone needing a house/dog sitter to use "Aussie House Sitters". It is such a good feeling knowing that we will have reliable, dog loving people looking after our home and pets while we are away. Now we can relax! Thanks for your help. Regards, Carolyn
As a house sitter I would like to thank the team at Aussie House Sitters for providing an affordable and easily accessible site for me over this last year, as well as, responding promptly to any enquires I might have. I sing your praises to all I meet and many have been extremely grateful to find such a great service. I have met some wonderful home owners and have become quite attached to their pets whilst caring for them. I have made some long lasting friendships and have received some glowing references. All thanks to you! And your fabulous website! Warm ones, Snjez
I have been using Aussie House Sitters for about a week and have had a great response to my advertisement to find a house sitter. Aussie House Sitters made it easy to use their web site and the staff were very helpful. Carole
As a homeowner I think your web site is absolutely fantastic. The amount of free information sets you apart from any other web site. I wish I had a dozen positions to fill given the lovely people who have contacted me. Lois
I was very impressed with the speed at which people replied to our advertisement and although a bit hesitant at first as we'd never had our house "Sat" in the past I am glad we listed with Aussie House Sitters. The people who offered to look after our house were all friendly and trustworthy people and I will not hesitate to use your service again. It's a lot easier than organising kennels and catteries and having someone I can trust living in our house while we are away gives us great peace of mind. Kelvin and Joanna
Last year we had a delightful couple who lived in our house while we were in China and the UK- Peter and Kay- found from advertising on your fantastic website. They looked after our large and spoiled dog, took great care of everything and the whole arrangement ran like clockwork- they even left money for any phone calls they made. We didn't ask them to do this as we felt they were actually doing us a favour by babysitting our house and dog. We have another couple this year, Lex and Sue, also found from advertising on your website who I'm sure will be equally good. They are coming to dinner the night before we leave so we can do the 'hand-over'; actually a good way to meet new people and, hopefully, make new friends. Penny
We have been away for 4 1/2 months. We have 2 dogs and a young galah. Couldn't take them with us. Had a reply from Andy, an author, who needed peace and quiet to finish some books. I was mainly concerned about the galah who is really attached to me and I was afraid he would fret. My main concern was that a lot of people don't like birds and don't like to handle them. Needn't have worried. Andy spoiled our old dogs and the galah. He was wonderful. Also came home to an immaculate house and grass mown. We didn't have to worry about burglary even though there had been quite a few in the area. So, thankyou Aussie House Sitters. A wonderful service. Hope to get away again next year but unfortunately Andy won't be here so will be looking for another wonderful sitter. Fay & Alan
After advertising for a house sitter within a few hours we received a reply from a lovely couple who accepted our house sit. We spoke by email and by telephone and arranged to meet. They supplied several reference contacts for us to contact. I contacted only one of these and they could not speak more highly of them. We arranged to meet and they are just perfect. Lovely people. We couldn't be more pleased with them. We thank you for providing this service and would highly recommend you sight to our friends and family. Regards Adrienne
I have found a house sitter thru your organization and would like to commend you on your professional website. Great network and thanks again. I will be recommending your service to others without hesitation. Regards Cheryl
After placing my ad with Aussie House Sitters I quickly received a large number of responses and am very happy with my choice of house sitter. Being able to go away knowing that my home and pets are being well cared for is just such a relief. I would certainly recommend the site to others (in fact I have already done so). Thankyou for a wonderful service! All the Best. Cheryl
We have been able to obtain a house-sitter for the latter part of next year through your services and have several others prepared to act as back-ups in case something happens between now and when we go away. We were put onto you by other members of our caravan club (Nth Qld C'van Club), and at this stage must say that we have nothing but praise for the facility offered. Thanks for services to date. Alistair
We had our house advertised and sat for the month of October. We'd like to say that we are absolute converts to the concept of and have recommended it to all of our friends. Thanks so much - we were very nervous about it at first but our experience was so positive which enabled us to enjoy our trip to England and know that our doggies and house were being cared for by a top-quality couple. Thanks again, The Koswigs
What an amazing system! We found an absolutely delightful sitter the morning after our advertisement was posted, an amazingly rapid response for a slightly tricky request. Well done, we'll be using Aussie House Sitters again! Lucy
I have used Aussie House Sitters a couple of times now and can say the peace of mind you have knowing your home and pets are well looked after whilst you are away is priceless - Thanks Again Shann
I have found your website definitely the best. I travel a lot and often have to get house sitters in for my home and, most importantly, my cats. Aussie House sitters have come up trumps every time - with no problems at all. Hoepfully I will get some more nice people to come and enjoy my place over Christmas and New Year. Very kind regards Shelagh
Dear Aussie House Sitters, We recently used a house sitter from your database to house sit for us for six weeks while we were away in the USA. She was a wonderful house sitter, and we were absolutely delighted with the whole exercise. We were able to go on holiday knowing that our house and our pet would be well looked after. On the flip side, she was able to use our house as a base while she looked for a house to buy in the area. We are singing your praises to our friends and hope to use your services again someday. Kind regards Sue & Irwin
We really are impressed with your site as it has allowed us to go away knowing we have reliable house sitters. This will be the fourth time we have used your service and really spread the word around as to how good it is. We even plan to become house sitters when we retire. Pat & Ron
We recently placed an advertisement on Aussie House Sitters website looking for a house sitter over the Christmas period. We had never used a service like this and had no idea what to expect. We had many enquiries in response to the advert we placed and found the lovliest couple who cared for our pets and home like it was their own. They even had the worlds best vegetable lasagna waiting for us when we returned! We will definately be using this service again in the future. Carol
I would like to say how happy we are with the number of inquiries we received and the very professional way in which your website is run. We have a professional couple who we have now met and we feel very comfortable leaving our home in their care. Thanks again for your very fine website. A & O Hall
We have found Aussie house sitters to be an excellent way to get in touch with people to house-sit- we placed our ad (for free!) and in no time had replies and have found a lovely lady to watch over the place. Very convenient and cost effective -we will continue to use this as we have need. So thank you Aussie House-sitters!! Allan
I only heard about aussiehousesitters through a friend two weeks ago. After placing the add I got four committed replies within four days and instantly decided on one of them. Thanks. Cheers. Ueli
With 3 weeks to go before we were due to leave for 4 weeks holiday our sister in law broke her ankle, and unable to look after our two ( neurotic ) dog's. In desperation we thought we might give aussie house sitters ago ( nothing to loose ). We have been overwhelmed with in 24 hours we made contact with three possible sitters. And the emails keep on coming in. Thanks and for us homeowners no charge! Steve
I am extremely happy to report that I have in a very short time secured a house sitter who is truly a lovely person. As you will be aware this is the first time I have used AUSSIEHOUSESITTERS and will most certainly be letting others know of your network. Thank you so much for your help and I am now looking forward to spending time with my family in the UK. Patricia
Many thanks. We have found the ideal person thanks to Aussie Housesitters. It is a win win for us both. We live in the heart of Gold prospecting country and Mark who contacted us is a keen fossicker. He can't wait to get here. Thanks again Aussie for an excellent service. We will definitely be back when next we travel. Regards, Ian & Helen
Hello! Thanks to all involved at Aussie House Sitters. It's great to know that we will have good people to look after our furry person and our house in Tassie while we are away. We have been looking forward to our coming holiday and now have no clouds hanging over it! Great relief! Marjan
Dear Aussie Housesitters - We have never used a service like this before and really did not think that in a regional area we would attract interest however we were absolutely thrilled to hear from house sitters. We have just returned from our short break to be greeted by two very spoilt animals and a safe, secure and spotless house. We cannot thank your house sitter enough for helping us through our initial house sitting experience and highly recommend this service for anyone wanting peace of mind without having to rely on friends and family. We have already booked this sitter to help us out again when our daughter has surgery in the coming months - Thank you so much. AAA++++++. Sandy, Simon and family.
I don't know who your supervisor is if you have one, I would like to email that person and tell him how good your customer service is. This house sitting is all new to me, so a little daunting. To have someone at the other end respond as efficiently as you do is very comforting. In fact, it is the reason I decided to join with this site and not others I took a week to look into. I would like to say thank you very much. In this modern day, when customer service is almost to an end, your have still come through. More businesses could do with staff like you. Thanks again Nick Gwen
Hello Team - I placed my ad on Saturday and within a couple of days had some very positive responses, the profiles of available sitters is excellent. We have found a suitable couple to sit for us. This site is so practical and easy to use and I would like to say thank you for solving our need. Keep up the good work. Cheers Marie G
I am a new-comer to Aussie House Sitters being a home and pet owner who need the occasional break. I am most impressed with the web site and the services offered. It's easy to navigate around the site and user friendly to a novice such as myself. I would recommend Aussie House Sitters to friends and family. Judy
We have been sucessful for a second time securing a delightful couple to look after our home in December. Your service is fantastic, the concept simple and easy which gives a win win oportunity for both parties. Thank you once again and I'm quite sure we will be using your service again when needed. Yours sincerely Dolores
We have just used a couple from your house sitting website to house sit for us. They did a fantastic job of looking after my house and garden while I was away. They also took great care of my indoor cat. It is great peace of mind to know someone responsible is around to do everything. Catherine
Thankyou Nick, for always replying so promptly to any enquiries we have about this site. We have only been members this last year, and only wish we had heard of this site long ago. We have been privileged to have the best house sitters available sit for us twice now and nothing is ever too much trouble for them to do for us. On the other side we have already sat for others and always offer the best service and treat their home with as much respect as we would wish any one to treat ours. Through word of mouth we are now getting friends and families of people we have sat for calling us. We have not been disappointed at all. Thanks for a wonderful site Aussie House sitters. Keep up the good work. Lainie and Tony
We are just back from holidays and I just need to let you know how we went with our house sitting experience. It was such a success. The couple who came into our home took such good care of our pets and our home while we were away. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to them. They were nothing short of awesome. They loved our 2 dogs and cat as if they were their own. We kept in regular email contact while we were gone. This way we all knew what was happening. They left here at about 9am and we got home at about 11am. We walked thru the door to a spotless home, well cared for pets and a beautiful bunch of roses. We will definately use your service again without hesitation. Thank you so much. Wendy
I registered on your web site /15th August and by the following wednesday I had 3 replies and by the end of the week I had five. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and will recommend your site to any one who needs house/pet sitter. I was in despair that I would not get anyone as it is very difficult when one cannot rely on family or friends to help you out when you go away. I have found a very nice person who has been house sitting for many years and all my animals took to her straight away even my foster dog who is a cruelty case. Margaret
My first experience was absolutely wonderful with all expectations fulfilled with the added delight of more kindness and service than I could have expected. I am thrilled to have found your service - thank you I have another sitter organised for october and then november as well so am delighted with the outcome. Regards, Gina
We are first time homeowners using your site and we found the process amazing and very easy to follow, we had contact with some amazing people and so happy with the result, I would certainly recommend your service to anyone, so for us, in the meantime we look forward to our stress free holiday knowing our home and pets are happy and safe thanks to you and our sitter, I would also say if we had not been forward thinkers for the Xmas break we may not have been quite as lucky as people are booked up very quickly as they move around they need to think ahead. Thanks guys we will be back again when the need is there and maybe next time as a house sitter!!! Kind regards Jane & Greg
We had a housesitter from Aussiehousesitters for the first time last week and it couldn't have gone better. He communicated with us several times before we left, arrived when he said he would and even fixed the fence to keep the dog in when the house being built next door created a gap. The whole process was easy and we've made a good forever friend. Thanks for the service. Maureen S.
Thank you for your service. It appears we have a House Sitter starting next week for a minimum four month period. Hope all goes well. Many thanks, Russell
Dear Aussie House Sitters, We LOVE your website and service. We've used it twice as homeowners looking for sitters. It worked each time!! Your website is simple to manoeuvre and explains every step. Thank you very much. Reg and Maryann
We have used aussie house sitters each time we have gone away for the last two years, and have had wonderful success with each sit as well as meeting some lovely people. I would recommend aussie house sitters to anyone requiring someone to look after their place and animals while they go away. Thank you so much! Sue W.
Hi, Just wanted to let you know we have found sitters for our farm at Wallaroo, NSW. from your site. We only put the ad there last Sunday. We found Aussie House Sitters the best site on the web for finding what we wanted. Thank you very much. Judi
Just like to say, though, I appreciated your friendly, easy-to-use website, the constant supply of information and contact. It all goes to make clients feel they really are getting a service. Keep it up. We'll be in touch if we travel again. Gillian
This is the second time we have used Aussie House Sitters. This was for a much shorter time and we thought it might make it less attractive, plus it was also at our coldest time of the year, yet our add was filled. Well done Aussie Housesitters. Ross
I am please to advise that we very quickly found a suitable house-sitter through your online service. It's a simple but effective procedure to log in, create an advert and then it's just a case of waiting for the replies. As I say we found someone who suited our needs and we are confident that they will look after our place and our pets very well. Keep up this excellent service! Kind regards. George
We live in Tennant Creek NT. Once again let me say this is a great site and we have always had sitters we are happy to recommend to others. This will be our 4th sitter. Rick
We have engaged house sitters a number of times over the past few years but this has been the first time we have used "Aussie House Sitters". The whole exercise has been a delight. From the obvious interest that you have among your many keen high quality members - which flowed to us following our advertisement with you - through to the protocols that each and all were prepared for to make us feel comfortable made it all so very easy until it came to selecting one applicant - there were too many good ones!!!! Thank you until next time Peter & Barb - Darwin N.T.
This is the 4th time we've used Aussie House Sitters and every time has been a success. We have kept in contact with all our sitters of the past, hence wonderful friendships have been formed as a result. The website has heaps of information for both sitters and home owners, it is easy to navigate through and easy to advertise. Whenever there was a dilemma, I received a response within 24hrs and the problem was promptly resolved. Well done. I shall continue to use the excellent services offered by Aussie House Sitters. Thank you. Nan
We have come back from our holiday and despite our having a complicated combined acreage/ house/ business set up with pets and monitored security, the house sitters worked out very well indeed. No worries at all, and they've exceeded our expectations with their professionalism. Thank you! Cath & Gary
Hello, once again we have been very happy with our house sitters. This time the people read our advert on Aussie Sitters and emailed us. We have found this husband and wife team very much to our liking and satisfaction. They loved the dog and the garden and really the whole area. We found they left our place very clean, as they found it, and were very trustworthy. We would not hesitate to have them again, and have already mentioned this to them. We find the Aussie Sitters a real blessing and particularly this SIT, have been 100% happy with the sitters and conditions when we returned home. Keep up the great work and website, Aussie Sitters. regards Jenny and Kevin
Good Afternoon, Just a few days ago I advertised our home requesting a house sitter for 4 1/2mths. Yesterday I got 3 responses and today I now have a sitter to look after my home and pets. I have to say, your database is full of loving caring sitters and this makes it very hard when you have to choose just one. I feel very comfortable with whom we've chosen and looking forward to meeting her. Her references were glowing and just the type of person we need here. Thank you for advertising this free of charge to us and I'll be sure to recommend your site! Kindest regards Sharon
We recently used the Aussie House Sitters website and resources for the first time. Our House Sitter was fantastic - taking excellent care of our home, pets and yard. We have recommended your resources to our friends. Thank you. Gary and Gae
We have now found a sitter through your website and it was very easy. After placing our ad we had 4 enquiries in the first two days. We spoke to two couples and had trouble deciding who to engage. Both couple had references and seemed ideal for the job. You certainly solved our problem very easily and quickly. Thanks again. Donna & Geoff
We have used aussie housesitters on numerous occasions and we have found that everyone used has been of the highest integrity and honesty always leaving the house in a pristine condition, we would certainly recommend your website. Regards Rob
Hi, I would just like to contact you as the admin for this site. Last Sunday I logged in and listed our house as we are going away for 7 1/2 weeks in November, until mid January. It was simple and easy to list our place. Within hours we had our first response from a wonderful house sitting couple complete with references and and a police check if we wanted. We contacted them via phone and talked through the details. Now all sorted, and organised and we have one less thing to worry about as we go on our trip of a lifetime. We have 4 cats, an old dog and a house that will be well looked after. Thanks so much to aussiehousesitters. Fast easy and very well organised. Geoff
I am a home owner. I have just used the for the third time to find house sitters. I placed an ad, free of charge, on their site. Each time (first time 2weeks then 5 weeks last time) we have become friends with the sitters and still keep in contact. They did a fantastic job of looking after our home and animals. For those of you considering using this organisation I can thoroughly recommend it. Phoning the sitter's referees (and always ask for them - but they generally offer anyway) gives you an an instant insight into the type of people you dealing with. I have just organised our third lot of sitters for the end of the year and it has been such a smooth and hassle free affair. Thank you Faye
Aussie House Sitters was a pleasure to use! This is the second time I’ve advertised on here for a house sitter and both times the experience has been very pleasant, easy and above all successful. I had found a sitter within days of listing the ad. I would highly recommend Aussie House Sitters to find your next house sitter. I have found professional, friendly, reliable and caring people to look after my home & pets while I’m away. I will definitely be using the service again. It beats some of the other house-sitting websites hands down! Regards, Nicole
Aussie House Sitters is such a wonderful site and concept that we are again using the site this year. In 2011 we needed a housesitter for 2 months while we travelled W.A in our caravan. The couple we engaged were absolutely fantastic. Our cat is rather timid with strangers, but on our return he was jumping on their bed and quite friendly. They looked after our home as there own. A fantastic service and I recommend Aussie House Sitters to everyone. Russell
Hi Aussiehousesitter Team. After almost 2 years travelling around this great land, and being part of the Aussie House Sitters Club, we are putting on our other hat and advertising our own home to sitters. We’ve had such wonderful experiences from the sitters side of things and met some great people while travelling, that we want to give someone else the opportunity to ‘come stay awhile’ in our area. We’ve tried the ‘family will care for things’ & the ‘ask the neighbours’ bit too, but come home to dead plants & dirty house. At least getting sitters, in we can bet they little chores we ask them to do, will actually be done. Looked at other housesit services but like this one the best. This is such an easy to use service, whether it’s looking for house-sits or adjusting our ad. Great work, team. Cheers Bruce and Sue
Dear Aussie House Sitters. We have used your services twice before, both times with great results. Our first house sitter 'Greg' has now sat for us probably 30-40 times! He is now a friend. Our second lead from house sitters "Kevin and Sandy' came to house and Cat sit for us for an initial period of four and a half months. Due to unforseen circumstances they had no place to go when their official house sit period ended so they stayed with us for a total of 13 months. We find the Aussie House Sitters web site clear and easy to use. It is intuitive for those of us who are not too computer literate. The responsibilities of both parties are clear and easy to follow. Finally your sample house sitting contract or agreement is excellent. All up your website has allowed us to do what we love to do and that is get out and see more of our great country. Thank you and well done Ralph
We used your services for the first time this year and we secured a couple of great people - Sue & Peter Hyde who came originally from New Zealand. We were unsure as to how things would go but we came back to a wonderfully tidy and clean house and a pair of very happy dogs. We do intend to use Aussie housesitters again in the future. We were very impressed as to how quickly we had a response to our email. Thank you once again. Kind regards Diane
We have used Aussie House Sitters a few times to find housesitters as we travel frequently to the USA for 6-8 weeks at a time to visit our son, daughter-in-law and 2 wonderful grandsons. We have always had great success with your website which is easy to use. We have had the same couple (who we found on your website) come a few times now, they are great, but when they can’t come we have been very happy with every other housesitter we have had. Thank you for your very user-friendly, professional website and service. Peter and Shay
We used the Aussie House sitters site originally for our upcoming trip to the UK/Europe. We found two great sitters so far and we are sure there are many more available to suit your needs. The ones we have used so far have been extremely reliable sitters who are GREAT with pets - we ought to know as we have a large number of dogs as we show them. You can always rely on them to keep your house and yard - and most importantly your pets - in a wonderful state. No extra work or worries to come home to after a short or long trip away. We can highly recommend this site in general and the sitters we have used to date in particular. We now know we can have the occasional short or long break from home and not be worried about our beloved dogs. Sharon & Wayne