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7 ways to celebrate Christmas with your dog

Feature photo: 7 ways to celebrate Christmas with your dog

The Christmas countdown has begun and we’re all hustling with last minute preparations getting ready for the festivities.

Celebrating the holiday season with your dog, or even a dog you are house-sitting can be fun, but sometimes it can be a little stressful, especially for your dog. 

The holidays are such a busy time that it’s easy to forget to hang out with your best bud. By including your dog in your activities, they will appreciate this special time with you, even more so while their normal routines are thrown out of whack.

1. Take your dog out for coffee with you

Grabbing a breakfast or coffee with your dog can be a lot of fun, not to mention all the smiles you’ll bring to the faces of the other customers. There are a surprising number of cafes that welcome dogs and even have their own puppacino menu’s! Try Googling dog friendly café’s in your area.

2. Check out the Christmas lights

Christmas time is a great opportunity to take your dog on a walk or car ride to look at the neighbourhood lights. Your dog will love getting out with you and viewing the bright decorations – just be careful about some of the giant inflatables! Well-behaved dogs will be welcomed if they’re on leash, or for the more rambunctious pups, they will enjoy the spectacle from the comfort of your car.

3. Play Dress Ups

One of the best ways to include your pet in the holiday celebrations is with a Christmas outfit.

Every pet looks adorable in a little Santa costume, and they’re perfect for a Christmas photo, as is watching your dog unwrap their own presents under the tree!

black and white border collie dog smiling while wearing reindeer ears in front of a Christmas tree

4. Bake some healthy dog treats and have breakfast together

Be careful about feeding your dog human food as much of the traditional holiday fare is not good for them. Search the internet for pet-friendly recipes for special, homemade treats you can make for your best mate. 

Once everyone's awake and the presents are opened, it's time for one of the best parts of the holiday, Christmas morning breakfast. Why not start a new tradition by adding special pet treat treats to your Christmas morning menu. Vet-approved and pet-safe, they can be made ahead and heated or assembled before serving so you can share your special breakfast together. 

5. Take family photos and videos

Capture special holiday moments making sure your doggo is right in the middle of the action. What dog doesn’t love being the centre of attention?

Find fun ways to incorporate them into your memories by including them in your pictures and videos.

6. Make sure they get enough exercise 

Making sure your dog gets enough exercise on Christmas Day and over the festive period is important for keeping them calm and relaxed. Dogs love going for walks or playing fetch, so give your pup a good run and wear them out before any company arrives. This way they won’t be hyperactive when greeting guests.

And don’t forget, an extra walk for all the family on Boxing Day, is a great way to walk off the excesses of Christmas Day. 

light coloured dog smiling sitting next to a green set of cricket stumps with a Santa hat on them at the beach

7. Give them a safe space to retreat

Even the friendliest of pets can become unhappy when they’re tired, which may mean they display unfriendly behaviour to guests.

Giving your dog a safe space to escape when it gets too much for them can prevent this from occurring.

This area would ideally be away from anywhere that visitors might congregate and should be filled with their favourite blankets and toys to help them relax. Your dog should be able to access this area whenever they need, with the option of joining the party if they want to, as they may become more frustrated if they feel they are being locked away.

Bonus Tip (from Rudolph)

Our final recommendation, directly from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer – have a fun and safe holiday with your friends, family and especially your pets. Take some time to relax and hug your dog after all, your dog wants nothing more than to spend time with their best mate.

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here. From the team at Aussie House Sitters, we wish everyone a safe, loving and peaceful holiday season and a joyous New Year!

We have loved this lifestyle, looking after beautiful animals & making lovely new friends, most of whom we still keep in touch with. Aussie House sitters is a great site & so easy to utilise. Campbell and Lynette

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